BC Snowboard Policies

BC Snowboard Return to Sport Policy: pdf

2019 Provincial Series:  Overall Points Calculation Policy:  pdf

2020-2021 BC Provincial Snowboard Cross Team Selection Protocolpdf

2020-2021 BC Provincial Freestyle Team Selection Protocolpdf

BC Snowboard Appeals Policy:  pdf

Canada West Ski Area Association All Areas Pass Distribution Policy: pdf

Canada Winter Games 2019 – BC Athlete Selection Policy:  pdf

Coaching Code of Conduct:  pdf

Code of Conduct:  pdf

Code of Ethical Business Practices:  pdf

Concussion Management Protocol – Canada Snowboard:  pdf

Canadian Sport Institute – BC Snowboard Nomination Criteria (April 25, 2019):  pdf

Commitment to Fair Play:  pdf

Dispute Resolution Policy:  pdf

Gender Equity Policy:  pdf

Harassment Policy:  pdf

Helmet Policy – Canada Snowboard (in addition to FIS ICR):  pdf

Making Headway – Online Concussion Module (NCCP):  Link

Minimum Coaching Standards – Canada Snowboard Coaching Program:  pdf

Personal Information Protection Policy:  pdf

World Anti-Doping Code:  link

Canada Snowboard Anti-Doping Policy:  pdf

Canada Snowboard Air Bag Policy:  pdf

CSCP – Coach Scope of Practice:  pdf

Club Registration Policy:  pdf

Club Best Practice CAB Program: pdf

Club – CAB Program Check List:  pdf

Club – CAB Program Condensed Checklist:  pdf

Membership Registration Guide:  pdf

Coach Registration Guide:  pdf