Coaching Program

The first step to becoming a Snowboard Coach is to sign up as a member of the Canada Snowboard Coaching Program (CSCP) and register for a Comp Intro Course. This program ensures coaches have the training and knowledge necessary to help their athletes and provide a consistent approach no matter where in Canada they are working. The Coaching Program is a national program, delivered provincially by BC Snowboard.

For more information on the Coaching Program, check the CSCP website.

BC Coaches – contact Craig Renwick, our BC Snowboard Coach Development Coordinator, to help with your Coach Pathway.
Craig can help you with all your coaching questions and needs.

BC Clubs – Please contact Craig Renwick if you would like to schedule a Comp Intro Course or if you have any coaching questions.

BC Coach Evaluation, Comp Intro Advance and Comp Dev questions – Please contact Meghan Hebert, BC Snowboard Coach Development Manager.

If you are interested in attending Comp Intro or NCCP Courses, email us for details!

The Snowboard Coaching Pathway
Canada Snowboard Coaching Program Scope of Practice Policy