Introducing the RIDERS Program

The Canada Snowboard RIDERS Program is a confidence-building and skills-oriented introduction for young athletes to the sport of competitive snowboarding. The focus of the eight to twelve week program is on developing the fundamentals required to excel in the sport’s multiple disciplines.

The Program is also enhanced by RIDERS Speed and Style Events, which combine snowboarding basics with fun competition using a multi-discipline skills course. All the features on the course are designed to help riders work on developing the “ABC” fundamental snowboard skills: Agility, Balance, and Coordination.

“This is such a great program for young snowboarders to learn how to ride, to understand the basics of riding and have fun while doing it. There are so many opportunities for young riders to grow within the sport, and hopefully down the road, make it to the top of the Olympic podium.”

-Maëlle Ricker, 2010 Olympic Gold Medalist, Women’s Snowboardcross
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As a stand-alone event, or as a capstone to a RIDERS program, a number of RIDERS Speed & Style events are held at locations across Canada each year. Event participants will have the chance to compete on a multi-discipline skills course designed to both build confidence and encourage athletes to put their developing skills into practice.

To find a RIDERS event near you, and to register your child, click here.

All participants are required to be a Basic Member of BC Snowboard Association.
Entry Fee: $20.00 for Provincial members; $30.00 for non-Provincial members.

For more information or any questions, please contact:

BC Snowboard
P: 250.491.7626